My Two Penguins

If you do not know that I have two penguins well you do now. Anyway my two penguins are,Popeye88636 and my other penguin Macksy17. Here is a little bit of information about my two penguins:

Popeye88636: Popeye88636 was my second ever penguin in Club Penguin as my first was a penguin named Simbad something I can’t remember the rest of it anyway back to Popeye88636, he joined in April 2008. He has met Aunt Arctic twice, PH once, Cadence once and The Penguin Band once. He has a lot of items one of my favorite outfits is the one below.


Macksy17: He is my third official penguin and he joined in the middle of January 2012. There is not much about him because he is still quite new. He has met Aunt Arctic twice one at Earth Day Event 2012 and again at The Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012. He also met The Penguin Band and Cadence During the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012. Here is Macksy17 next to Popeye88636.



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