Club Penguin Fair Prize Booths Stocked Up With New Items!

The nonmember and member prize booths at The Fair have been updated with new prizes!

The new items at the nonmember prize booth, located at the Forest, are:

  • The Taa Daa for 500 tickets (new)
  • Lollipop for 150 tickets (returned)
  • The Sundae Surprise for 300 tickets (returned)
  • Fair Beacon Background for 100 tickets (returned)

The members prize booth items are:

  • Red Racer for 1000 tickets (returned)
  • Fair Background for 100 tickets (returned)
  • Teddy Bear for 400 tickets (returned)

There is also a hidden item at the Fair. It is hidden in the member prize booth! Click the white flag for the Ice Cream Cone. It’s 150 tickets. (Thanks to Trainman 1405 and  @Zoozach!)


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