Operation Blackout is Club Penguin’s Biggest Party Ever!

Spike Hike posted on the Club Penguin Community Blog yesterday to let everyone know that Operation Blackout broke one of Club Penguin’s long-standing records — the most number of different penguins to login in a 24-hour period! Once Part 6, the final chapter of Operation Blackout, was released, over 1.8 million penguins logged in to complete the mission. Isn’t that amazing?

Of course, with all those penguins logging in, there were glitches with our buddy lists that many of you likely experienced and also the EPF Covert Agent Station couldn’t be added to your inventory. I can now report that both are fixed as of this morning, so make sure that you login and go grab the awesome new furniture item while you can!

new cp record Operation Blackout is Club Penguins Biggest Party Ever!

I think this is the best party Club Penguin has ever had, so it’s no wonder that it has set a new record. I’ve been having so much fun with all of you doing the missions that I hope that all their parties are this good from now on!


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