Posted in March 2013

New EPF Message from Jet Pack Guy

Jet Pack Guy has sent a new EPF message!  Here it is: Well, I think this definitely hints at something EPF Mission/Field-Op is going to happen shortly maybe, it has something to do with the Proto-Bot or The Villains from the Marvel Superhero Takeover: 2012. What do you think? Let me know in the comments! -Popeye88636/Macksy17/The Random Guy

Party News: Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013

Hooray! A favourite of mine, The Marvel Superhero Takeover is returning on April 24th! Spike Hike made an announcement about it on the Club Penguin Blog. Here is the post from The Club Penguin Blog: Greetings True Believers! I’m unbelievably excited to announce the return of the Marvel Superhero Takeover on April 24th!! There are many … Continue reading

I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after thinking it over, I was going to completely delete this website and leave it but now that I am not currently busy in life, I can get back to making posts and helping out you Club Penguin Players!  See you soon! 🙂 -The Random Guy/Popeye88636/Macksy17! (Popeye88636 and Macksy17, are my Club Penguin Accounts so if … Continue reading