Posted in August 2013

Club Penguin Wikia

Club Penguin Wikia Hey guys, here is a link to my page on the Club Penguin Wikia where you will find many interesting and useful facts about my penguin, Popeye88636.

100th Post and 1st year Anniversary!

As you may know, it is nearly been 1 year since I started up this blog and I have tried my best with what I have done. I have accomplished by reaching 100 posts and this being the 101st post. Also, many different countries from around the world have commented on and visited this site, … Continue reading

Mascot Glitch

Earlier today, I was in my friend’s, Thatperson11, Igloo and this weird Mascot Glitch happened. Rockhopper, Gary and Aunt Arctic all appeared in his Igloo, he/we did not hack CP or use a cheat programme. The Mascots did not move or talk. Here are the pictures: Pretty strange, huh? Let me know what you think … Continue reading

Penguin Style August 2013 Cheats

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has just released the new Club Penguin August 2013 Penguin Style Catalog and we have the cheats and hidden items for you, check it out! The first hidden item is called the “Floral Bikini” located on the purple penguin’s hand. The second hidden item is called “Black Top Sneakers” and is located … Continue reading